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We combine ancestral knowledge with modern techniques to celebrate and share our family's plant traditions. 


KIS Botanicals

Indigenous-inspired Herbal Products and   
Cultural Experiences from the Jungle


Goals and Mission

Our mission at KIS Botanicals is twofold. First, we strive to keep our culture alive.  We do this by community involvement and by providing an accessible farm and cultural experience for visitors through educational tours, workshops, and courses. Secondly, we partake in sustainable, traditional farming methods in order to produce our apothecary of artisanal products.  We are a company run by native Costa Ricans who want to celebrate our culture and ancestral knowledge.  

Our goals are to combine our family's traditional knowledge with some modern techniques to reawaken our community's interest in local medicinal plants, to protect and conserve the local indigenous ancestral plant knowledge, to educate visitors on our cultural uses of plants, to purposely and sustainably reforest the land, and stimulate our local economy. 

To learn more about our educational programs or our herbal products, please explore our pages or contact us.



Are you traveling to Costa Rica and want to learn more about plants and local culture? Come learn from native Costa Ricans, the knowledge keepers within our community!

We offer medicinal plant and culture tours AND medicine making workshops. Contact us to set up a visit and learn with us. We can't wait to meet you! 

Sunday: Closed


Our Products

As part of our philosophy, we have a deep respect for nature’s ways, which is why all of our products are 100% natural and farmed locally and responsibly. We farm most of the plant material ourselves, or we buy / trade with our neighboring farms to support our local economy. 

All of our artisanal herbal products are hand-planted, hand-harvested, hand-packaged, and made with love. We use our deep ancestral knowledge to formulate our recipes and modern techniques to allow you to take medicine from the jungle home with you! 

Currently, our products are available from our farm and a few local shops. 

Contact us to learn more, or come visit us to see our artisanal herbal apothecary!


Questions? Want to plan a visit?

We are located near the town of Mastatal, nestled between Zapaton Indeginous Reserve, and La Cangreja National Park. 

We would love to have you for a tour, workshop, or course, and show you our herbal apothecary. 

Want to learn more about our farm and plan a visit? Interested in our products? Contact us! 

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